“…and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own.”
- Mary Oliver
Middle School is often described as a transition—a passageway between the exuberant discovery of elementary school and the exacting demands of high school. 
However, at Kew-Forest, Middle School is not just a transition; it is a destination unto itself, a place where sixth, seventh, and eighth graders build bridges between play and learning.
But how can a school sustain the joy of discovery when the lessons become more abstract, when the knowledge becomes harder to grasp, and when the fields we explore become more remote?
We sustain our students’ joy of discovery by helping them see the wonder in The Little Prince’s eyes when he sees a drawing of a sheep… know the exhilaration that the Founding Fathers knew when they created a nation… discover our planet through experimentation and observation… apply mathematics concepts to real-world problems… walk through Roman history and myth by reading 2,000 year-old texts in the original Latin… and grow together as supportive classmates and teammates.
These three grades follow a carefully designed curriculum specific to the developmental needs of young adolescents. Our Middle School students begin to clarify their talents and interests, develop essential study skills, and take on increased responsibility as members of the school community. 
Both in and out of the classroom, our dedicated educators develop studies and experiences that heighten self-awareness and empathy, foster the ability to resolve conflicts, and encourage concern for the world at large. Every Middle School student is assigned to a small advisory group of about nine students and one or two teachers/advisors. Through discussion and activity, the advisors ensure that each student is adjusted, comfortable, safe, and known. 
At the same time, Middle School students begin to explore what it means to be leaders by creating and sustaining clubs and community service ventures, by supporting one another in athletic team competition, and by serving in student government. 
Middle School at Kew-Forest is not just a passageway; it is an encouraging, thriving home for our middle-years students, a place where they strengthen their study skills, develop collaborative abilities, learn to be leaders, and begin to know themselves.
Join us on the journey through the middle years!
Richard Brownstone
Head of Middle and Upper School

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