At Kew-Forest, we know who our students are, but we are also always thinking about who they will become: communicators, thinkers, and achievers. Here is how they do it.
It’s 7:30 am. Classes won’t begin for another half-hour, but Student Council leaders prefer to meet before school. They gather in Room 1-12 to plan Upper School Movie Night; to discuss how to engage the entire community in efforts to support hurricane-ravaged cities; and to debate the changes to the dress code. 
By 9 o’clock, it’s second period. Freshmen are contrasting Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism in their Development of Civilizations class. Sophomores are working in groups of three to cement their understanding of quadratic equations in Algebra II. Juniors in English class are examining Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?” and how it explodes the notion of the American Dream. Seniors are split into electives: in Abnormal Psychology, they are exploring addictive personality disorders; and in AP Physics, they are waking up to thermodynamics and kinetic theory. 
Upper School students pour into the library for Assembly in 10:15. Today, a local rock band has come to perform a few songs and also to tell the students what an important role education played in their ability to pursue what they love.
The day has barely begun, but the students are already inspired. Later, they will discuss the film “The Godfather” in Myth and Identity; learn how different nations are tackling global warming in International Relations; delve into full-immersion language study in AP Spanish, and finally board the bus for the JV Basketball playoff game or race to the stage for dress rehearsal for the musical or head to a Manhattan Courthouse to compete against some the city’s most revered (and largest) schools in Mock trial – and win!
But a Kew-Forest Upper Schooler is more than a student who has taken a series of classes and pursued some interests. Our students grow up in a school where skilled, accomplished teachers work closely with them, encouraging them to speak their minds, to challenge convention, and to discover their passions. Our teachers are mentors. When they are not in the classroom, they are working one-on-one with students in the library—or any open bench in the school—or meeting with one another to discuss how to help students thrive. 
The Kew-Forest Upper School student body is diverse in every way—born-and-raised New Yorkers as well as students from all over the globe. In this microcosm, students learn to appreciate different points of view; to learn and work together; to form bonds; and to become intellectually curious, committed citizens of a global community.
Join our community. Become communicators, thinkers, achievers, and global citizens.
Richard Brownstone
Head of Middle and Upper School

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  • Advanced Placement Courses

    The Kew-Forest School offers many Advanced Placement (AP) courses in disciplines such as English, U.S. History, Calculus, Science, World History, and Latin. 
    Because they are considered the equivalent of college-level courses, AP classes are fast paced and require students to master large amounts of information. Students who enroll in AP courses are expected to cooperate fully with their teachers and adhere to all course requirements. In addition, in May, participating students are required to take the College Board’s AP exams. These tests are evaluated outside of the school by college professors and AP teachers. Students who score at a certain level receive college credit at most institutions. The AP exam score stands alone and separate from the grade the student earns in the AP course.
    Enrollment in an AP course is based on a student’s request, the teacher’s recommendation, the student’s academic record, standardized testing information, and an overall review by the Division Head and the College Counselor. Scheduling constraints play a role as well.
  • Field Trips & Outdoor Education

    Our "Learning Outside the Classroom" program is an important aspect of the Kew-Forest Upper School experience. Students leave Kew-Forest to visit museums, historical sites, and other educational venues within New York City that relate to their classroom studies. There, they engage in a variety of hands-on learning experiences that enable them to build a stronger sense of themselves, their classmates, and the world around them. Kew-Forest also schedules overnight trips and day excursions outside of New York for team building, character education, sports competitions, and curriculum enhancement. 
  • Graduation Requirements

    Students in grades 9-12 are required to accrue a minimum of 24 credits for graduation. They must be distributed as follows:

    • English: 4 credits
    • History: 4 credits
    • Foreign Languages: 3 credits in a Modern Foreign Language
    • Mathematics: 3 credits (minimum of Algebra II/Trig)
    • Science: 3 credits in Laboratory Sciences
    In addition: 

    • All seniors must complete a capstone Senior Project presentation 
    • All seniors must complete a minimum of three school-sponsored community service activities in order to graduate.
    • All students must achieve an appropriate level of computer literacy.
    • Seniors must pass all required courses.
    Please note: All Kew-Forest courses meet or exceed requirements for New York State Regents designation. Kew-Forest students, along with most New York State independent school students, are exempt from taking Regents Exams.

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Mr. Richard Brownstone
Head of Middle and Upper School
718-268-4667, ext. 152

College Acceptances (Last Four Years)

Kew-Forest graduates have been accepted to many colleges and universities over the last four years, including:

Amherst College
Barnard College
Binghamton University
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brandeis University
Brown University
Cornell University
Drexel Institute of Technology
Duke University
Emory University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
Hofstra University
Howard University
Iona College
Johns Hopkins University
Kenyon College
Manhattanville College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McGill University
Molloy College
Morehouse College
Mount Holyoke College
New York Institute of Technology
New York University
Northeastern University
Pennsylvania State University
St. John’s University
Stony Brook University
SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Syracuse University
Temple University
The University of Chicago
Tufts University
University of Connecticut
University of Hartford
University of Massachusetts
University of Pennsylvania
University of San Francisco
Wesleyan University
Wheaton College

The Kew-Forest School

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The oldest independent school in the borough of Queens, The Kew-Forest School is an independent co-educational, college preparatory school for students in Early Childhood Development (ECD) to 12th Grade.