Model UN Club Attends Model UN Conference at University of Virginia in November 2017

Last month (November 17-19), our Model UN Club attended a Model UN conference at the University of Virginia. It was successful in many respects. All of our students made a genuine effort to participate in the small, high quality committees, and enjoyed the experience. For many, it was their favorite conference.

They also acted responsibly throughout this challenging trip. Six of our twenty one students earned formal recognition for their performance at the conference. (see list of awards below). CONGRATULATIONS!

In addition to the Model UN conference, students also visited the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. The Jefferson School had been the black high school in Charlottesville prior to desegregation.  The focus of the private tour was an exhibit about post-Civil War education for the African American community of Charlottesville. The students learned about the history of school segregation and the massive resistance to desegregation. They also saw a powerful art exhibit that explored the culture of racism as seen through the eyes of white children.

A special thank you to Mr. Gordon (the club's advisor) for organizing the trip and Ms. Filippi for all her efforts in making the trip a success.  Club members are now beginning their preparations for the Harvard Model U.N. Conference from January 25 - 28,2018. Kew-Forest will be representing the Netherlands and Peru at the conference.

- Laura Kim and Hunter Milles won an Outstanding Delegation Award representing Italy on the Disarmament and International Security Committee which addressed the topics of combatting ISIS and the Refugee Crisis.
- Clare D'Amato -Honorable Mention Award for her work as Education Minister on the Tunisia Conference Committee where each delegate was assigned a position in the Tunisian Cabinet.
- David Besprozvany -Honorable Mention Award on the "Cabinet of U.K: Pandemic 2020" representing the Chief of the Air Staff.
- Alex Pena -Verbal commendation on the Joint Crisis Committee Kargil War 1991 
for his work as a Pakistani Lt. General.
- Rebecca Raimo-Ruiz - Verbal commendation on the 1944 National Congress of the American Indian as Frank Bear of the Ho Chunk Nation.

A number of other students delivered strong performances (some on advanced committees) but didn't receive formal recognition at this competitive conference. All of the Kew-Forest delegates were active participants in their competitive committees and should be commended for their fine efforts.  Other K-F club members attending this conference were: 

- 12th GRADE - Annie Podedworny, Sadaf Chaudary, Kayla Allers
- 11th GRADE - Suzanne Ali, Renee Rosenkilde, Mark Saidov , Caitlin Gordon, Brandon Shang, Daniel Sun, Shell He, Aumi Rahman
- 10th GRADE - Ilana Saidov, Olivia SuChen, Rachel Wolff, Yidi Zhang

CONGRATULATIONS to our Upper School students for their dedication and hard work!


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