Program for Grades K-7

Academic Program

Our half-day Academic Program runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11:00 am.  It is designed to provide children with both practice and enrichment in core academic subjects.  The goal is to foster a love of learning while helping students build important grade-level skills.  Students are taught in small groups based on ability.  We require copies of each camper’s most recent report card and a Parent Educational Assessment; instructors also perform assessments on the first day.

We combine our Half-Day Academic Program with our Half-Day Recreational Program to create our amazing Full Day Program!
Our academic programs include:

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  • Mindful Math

    These sessions focus mainly on helping children understand mathematical concepts, work with numbers and operations, and develop reasoning and mental math skills.  Emphasis is placed on teaching children how to apply their learned skills towards problem solving situations. Lessons can be modified to address various learning styles.
  • Reading Rainbow

    These fun-filled reading sessions reinforce a variety of important skills, ranging from decoding words and building vocabulary to identifying the key elements in a story and understanding the difference between a main idea and supporting details in a written work.  Instructors tailor developmentally appropriate learning strategies to each camper’s level of ability.  Children are immersed in literature which will naturally increase their enthusiasm for reading.
  • Writer's Workshop

    These sessions focus on five key aspects of the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, writing a first draft, editing, and publishing.  Children engage in both expository and creative writing assignments.  Younger campers dictate their thoughts and ideas to the instructor to discover how spoken words can be seen on paper; older ones build on existing skills to improve their writing mechanics and ability to express thoughts and ideas on paper.

Recreational Program

Our half-day Recreation Program runs Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. It includes lunch and features a variety of physical, creative, and challenging summer-fun activities.

Most activities take place in our indoor gymnasium, outdoor play areas, air-conditioned labs and classrooms, however, we also use off-campus facilities for swimming and field trips.  Click below for details on each activity.

When you combine our Half-Day Academic Program with our Half-Day Recreational Program you get our amazing Full Day Program!
Our recreational programs include:

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  • Computers

    In our Tech Center, children maximize their computer skills by playing educational and interactive games, learning how to do research on the Internet, and experimenting with various multimedia software.
  • Swimming (Grades 1-7)

    Our recreation program features swimming three times a week in our temperature-controlled, outdoor swimming pool at the Park City Pool.  Before their first class, all children are evaluated and placed into groups based on ability.  Flotation devices will be provided for inexperienced swimmers.
  • Water Play (Kindergarten)

    Instead of swimming, our rising Kindergarteners escape the summer heat and cool down every day with fun, age appropriate water activities on our on-campus grassy area.
  • Drama

    In this class, campers will learn basic acting and choral techniques while performing scenes and songs from various plays and musicals.  
  • Arts & Crafts

    Exciting opportunities for creative expression await children in our fully-equipped Art Studio.  With the help of an experienced instructor, children explore a variety of art materials and create mini-portfolios to take home.
  • Hands-on Science

    In this program, campers explore scientific concepts through hands-on activities and experments.  Some topics include: learning about planting, observing things though a microscope, and making slime/goo!
  • Cooking

    In this class, campers learn kitchen skills and techniques in addition to the safety procedures needed to work in a kitchen environment.  Your little chef will love measuring, mixing and creating delicious dishes with the help of an experienced cook.  The fun doesn't stop here; campers get to bring home samples and recipes of the tasty treats that they make.
  • Dance

    Get ready to move to the music!  Children will learn the latest dances and explore the world of choreography through various genres of music such as rock, pop and hip-hop.  They will show off their hard work at our annual Summer Showcase!
  • Sports

    Your child will love being energetic in our fast-paced, fun and exciting Sports class!  In our gymnasium and outdoor play yard, they will participate in a variety of physical activities such as soccer, tennis, kickball, relay races, volleyball, and Capture the Flag!
  • Martial Arts

    Students will learn and perfect their karate skills in addition to working on their self-confidence, self-discipline, and focus under the guidance of a professional instructor.  All skill levels are covered.

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