The Middle School Math program challenges students to think as mathematicians but never lets them forget the joy of numbers. Students begin Middle School by cementing their basic math skills while also supplementing their studies with a range of new concepts drawn from probability, statistics, and geometry. As they progress, students begin to apply these increasingly sophisticated concepts to real-world problems. Thus, even as Kew-Forest students learn to align themselves with a curriculum that will prepare them for the rigors of high school math, they also learn that the conceptual and physical manipulation of numbers is not just fun and exciting but also essential. 

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  • Sixth Grade Math: Numbers and Theory

    This course offers an exciting introduction to Middle School math, proving to students that challenge can be fun. In this class, sixth graders enhance their basic math skills by learning number sense and operations, how to use formulas, and how to approach problem solving. Students learn how to use probability and statistics to analyze and interpret graphs and data; how geometry provides understanding of different geometric figures; and how to calculate measurements, solving for perimeter, circumference, area, volume, and more. Sixth grade math is an encouraging, fun-filled, and challenging year of learning about numbers.
  • Seventh Grade Math: Pre-Algebra

    The goal of Pre-Algebra is to help students develop fluency with rational numbers and proportional relationships. In this essential course, students extend their elementary skills and begin to learn Algebra concepts that serve as a transition into formal Algebra and Geometry. Students learn to think flexibly about relationships among fractions, decimals, and percents, discerning how to recognize and generate equivalent expressions and solve single­variable equations and inequalities. Students will also analyze situations verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically, apply mathematical skills, and make meaningful connections to life experiences.
  • Eighth Grade Math: Algebra 1

    The eighth grade Algebra 1 course focuses on helping students become active learners. Students experiment, investigate, ask questions, make and test conjectures, reflect on their work, and then communicate their ideas and conclusions both orally and in writing. Often, students work collaboratively to tackle problems that can be too complex to be solved by any one individual. Through this practice, students learn to share different valid approaches, thus expanding everyone’s thinking. By year’s end, students begin to prepare for the challenges of business and industry by developing problem-solving and communication skills as well as an in-depth, conceptual understanding of mathematics.

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