The Upper School Physical Education (P.E.) curriculum is designed to provide lifelong learning and appreciation of fitness and to develop better citizens and people with shared core values. The Kew-Forest Upper School P.E. program focuses on cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, core conditioning, strength training, functional movement, sport-specific skills, team building, and nutrition. The program is divided into three parts based on the seasons of the school year.

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  • Fall Physical Education

    Fall P.E. is an introduction to physical education, discussing the class, rules, routines and procedures. Students begin preparing for the Presidential Fitness Test, a series of physical activities that measure a student’s various abilities and skills. Students begin basic nutrition discussions and cardiovascular training, active isolated stretching, and skill-building techniques for soccer, volleyball, and football.
  • Winter Physical Education

    Winter Physical Education introduces students to core conditioning and strength training using body weight and exercise equipment. Students begin a series of classes on functional movement, in which they convert daily movement to exercises. In addition, students start playing team-building games and are introduced to skill-building techniques for basketball, wrestling, and rock climbing.
  • Spring Physical Education

    In the spring, P.E. students are introduced to circuit training: exercise at one station for an allotted period of time before moving on to the next station. They enter the final phase of the Presidential Fitness Test and continue skill-building for baseball and kickball as they play team-building games.

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