Senior Privileges Take Effect

Seniors in good academic and disciplinary standing are eligible for the following senior privileges:
  • Coming to school in Business Attire, defined as:
    • Suit or a jacket and dress slacks (no jeans or cargo pants) with a dress shirt;
    • Dress or skirt no shorter than knee-length with a blouse or sweater;
    • Dress shoes with socks or hosiery;
    • No hats or caps are permitted;
  • Flexibility to extend lunch period i.e. leave the period before lunch or stay out the period after lunch, if a senior has an independent study at those times;
  • Arrive at school by 8:45 am on days that begin with an independent study block; and,
  • Leave school at 2:24 pm on days that end with an independent study block.
Seniors must print out and complete the Senior Privileges Sheet and return it to Ms. Vessio, Ms. Coratti, or Mr. Penoro. Eligibility to wear Business Attire begins once the completed form has been received.
Privileges that involve leaving school early or arriving late require parental permission on the parental permission form. Parents must provide a hand signature on a physical copy of the permission form and place the form in a sealed envelope. E-Signatures will not be accepted.

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