K-F Students Visit Spectrum360 During National Autism Awareness Month

As you may know, April is National Autism Awareness Month. This month, juniors and seniors from our psychology class spent a full day at Spectrum360 (formerly The Children’s Institute - a program for children, adolescents, young adults and adults on the autism spectrum and with behavioral and related disabilities).  Ms. Gina Milano (whose son Benjamin attended the school in New Jersey for 12 years) and Ms. Genelle Diaz organized the trip for K-F.
While at Spectrum360, our students received an in-depth orientation and workshop followed by a discussion about Autism Spectrum Disorder facilitated by a psychologist.  Afterwards, K-F students had the opportunity to participate in classroom placements working directly with Spectrum360's students engaging in reading, games and other activities.  K-F students also received a tour of the school and interacted with students on the playground, in music and in gym class. The day concluded with a reflection, Q&A and closing remarks with the school psychologist.
For the juniors and seniors that participated, working with the students was enjoyable, meaningful and gratifying. They learned that people on the spectrum can be attached and affectionate, contrary to what many stereotypes portray. 

Thanks to our students for donating their time, thanks to Ms. Milano and Ms. Diaz for organzing the trip and a special thanks to Spectrum360 for having K-F.  
For more information about Spectrum360, please visit: https://spectrum360.org/

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